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In celebration of out graduating mentees, we are hosting a small Trunk Party at our center. In order to stay safe during this time of COVID-19, we will be wearing masks, limiting the amount of guests to the event, and conducting a drive-by drop off for our graduating mentees. 

Though times have been tough recently, Mentor Teacher Brother recognizes the need for fellowship and brotherhood. As such, despite the corona virus pandemic, we decided to host our annual barbecue. However, we understood the severity of the current crisis occurring before us, and to ensure that all participants were were participating safely, we mandated the wearing of masks, and changed the venue of the event to a more isolated area, our headquarters.  

In order to show our dedication to giving back, we took our mentees to the Englewood neighborhood and along with the Real Girls, passed out masks and gloves to people in the community and those in need. We understand the need to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19, especially in communities that are predominately resided in by black people. After we finished passing out, we rewarded our mentees for their hard work by taking them to K1 Speed for indoor racing. Hard work deserves equally hard play, and Mentor Teacher Brother knows how to do both. 

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