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Mentor Teacher Brother conducted a survey on the COVID-19 pandemic, and the public perception and knowledge of it. The survey was conducted using the site SurveyMonkey and spread around by MTB’s mentors and mentees. In total, 87 people responded in a random sample.



Survey results

A survey was rendered in July to assess the feelings of the public for the covid-19 pandemic. The question to be answered is: How did the covid-19 and affect communities? The results are as follows.

27 percent of those surveyed feel that covid-19 cases have dropped since the reopening.

 47 percent however feel that the cases have not dropped. 25 percent were unsure .This indicates that the majority are uneasy about the direction in which the covid-19 pandemic. This is an indication that the public may not feel the situation is getting better.

 When asked do people feel covid-19 is being taken seriously by everyone?  90 percent said an overwhelming no. The covid-19 pandemic of course is serious but the public themselves appears not to have a high level of concern.

 87 percent of the people surveyed stated that covid-19 ruined important events in her life such as vacation prom graduation etc.

52 percent of the people surveyed said that they had someone pass away from covid-19 related illnesses. 52 percent is a high number when relating to fatalities.

 79 percent of the citizens surveyed stated that their health had not been affected by the covid-19 pandemic. This number needs to be higher in regards to the covid-19. This is an indication that 21 percent of the people surveyed were affected health-wise by the covid-19 pandemic.

 52 percent of the people surveyed stated that they agreed with the way that local officials responded to the pandemic. The majority agree with the actions of leadership. 37 percent of the people surveyed disagree or strongly disagree with the way Covid-19 has been handled by local officials. There seems to be disparity conversations may be needed on how we should proceed with future steps.10 percent of the participants had no opinion.

 67 percent of the people stated that they always wear a face mask when in public. 27 percent of the people surveyed said that they usually wear face masks when they are in public. And 5 percent said that they sometimes wear a mask when in public.  Everyone is on board to a certain degree with wearing face masks. This could be a contributing factor to some of the effectiveness in slowing the spread. This is an overwhelming 100% of people who say they wear a face mask when in public.

 82 percent stated that the pandemic is as serious as the media news is portraying it. 17 percent disagreed. The majority believe this is a serious situation.

27.5 percent of the people surveyed stated that the covid-19 pandemic caused them to enter economic hardships. 72 percent stated they did not enter economic hardships because of the Covid-19 pandemic.It was expected that some people will be affected economically from this situation. The amount may be lower right now but it may rise in the future if conditions do not get better.

 When asked how did the Covid 19 pandemic start? 22.5 percent felt that it was part of a biological warfare. 32 percent feel that it started in a lab. And 45 percent says that it started at a wet market and Wuhan China. The majority of the respondents are stating that they do not believe the media's portrayal that the virus started at a wet market in China. There is belief in others outlets or maybe the public is just unsure.


Our survey revealed that the majority of our respondents believe that COVID-19 is an issue to take seriously despite most of them not being directly affected by it. Furthermore, most of our respondents are well informed about the cause of the virus and its severity.

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