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Mentor Teacher Brother INC.

Our Mission

The mission of Mentor Teacher Brother, Inc. is to aid young men on the journey of life by providing them with opportunities that would not have existed otherwise. We understand that a person’s life is defined by certain moments, and as such, we strive to ensure that these moments are positive and fulfilling. We wish to instill constructive values in our mentees so that they are able to properly interact with each other, local leaders, and young men in their respective communities. In doing this, our goal is to create a new “Standard of Manhood” and herald our mentees as its first products. Consequently, our mentees and those they come into contact with will be able to more productively and peacefully interact with one another. We pass down our life experiences and wisdom to those in need of it.

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Who We Are

Mentor Teacher Brother (MTB) originated as the idea of a member of Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. Along with the Founders, Bro. Carlos Baggett wanted to encapsulate the ideals and overarching mission of the fraternity in a way that benefited the youth. He sought to create a program that emphasized the ideals associated with members of Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. The result of his work was Mentor Teacher Brother. We implemented it in many of our fraternity’s chapters and developed our own curriculum as we worked with Chicago Public Schools on the South-Side of Chicago. We are currently headquartered at a building on 11501 S Wentworth Ave in Chicago, Illinois. This facility is used by fraternity members for official business and as a safe location for our youth to regularly meet and fellowship. Our goal is to change the lives of our mentees and instill in them values pertaining to leadership and scholarship.

Volunteer With Us

Though we encourage people who wish to get involved with our organization to become mentors, we understand that there are other ways members of the community can give back. As such, Mentor Teacher Brother offers numerous avenues of service. Any assistance, whether physical or financial is welcome. No matter which one you choose, rest assured that you are making a difference in a child’s life.

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Mentor Teacher Brother understands that different people have unique talents and ways of giving back. As such, we offer a multitude of volunteer opportunities and avenues for creating change in the lives of our youth.

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Mentor Teacher Brother Inc.

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